Protecting Smile with Athletic Sportsguards for Arcadia, CA

Being athletic is great and our dental team is always happy to hear from our young patients about their favorite sports and how much fun they have. However, it’s important to protect your smile during activities where contact with another person or a hard surface is a possibility. With the help of a personalized sportsguard from Dr. Matt Nashed here in Arcadia and Long Beach, it’s much easier to feel confident participating! 

Why use a sportsguard?

The main point of wearing a sportsguard is that it protects your mouth against the trauma of being struck and minimizes (or even fully prevents) injuries like broken teeth. Any injuries to the tongue, lips and cheek may also be reduced in severity. Studies have even shown that patients who suffer concussions during their participation may be better off thanks to their sportsguard.

Types of Sportsguards

You may come across a premade sportsguard in any athletic store, but these are typically uncomfortable for the patient making it hard for them to communicate. Here in Long Beach and Arcadia, Dr. Nashed provides a comfortable, custom-made sportsguard that offers maximum protection for you or your child.