Check-ups & Cleanings for Arcadia, CA

Regular appointments with a skilled dentist are the first step towards preserving healthy, happy smiles for years to come. Here in Long Beach and Arcadia, Dr. Matt Nashed loves welcoming children and their families and we hope you choose to make either of our locations your oral healthcare home. With specialized experience and precise attention to detail, he gives you an experience that exceeds expectations. Please contact our team today if you have any questions or you’re ready to schedule an appointment.

How many times should I visit each year?

In most cases, patients of all ages are fine if they visit Dr. Nashed twice a year. However, those who are overly sensitive to decay or who are currently suffering from periodontal disease may be in need of more frequent visits to maintain their oral health.

In-Depth Evaluations

During your routine check-up, our team carefully inspects every aspect of your oral health taking note of damaged or suspicious areas that need further treatment. These aspects include the surfaces of each tooth, your gums and soft tissues, your bite, your jaw and more. Digital X-rays allow us to view what can’t be seen with a visual examination. Once we’ve completed this process, Dr. Nashed fully understands your unique needs and can develops a personalized treatment plan in Arcadia or Long Beach, CA.

Refreshing Hygiene

All teeth constantly form plaque over their surfaces. This bacteria-filled film is easily cleared away with diligent brushing and flossing, but missed areas develop into a hard substance known as tartar that has to be professionally removed. Thankfully, our team handles this task, leaving your smile fresh and clean.