Emergency Dentist Saving Your Smile

Do you have a dental emergency? Call one of our offices immediately! Contact Arcadia Office Contact Long Beach Office

Dental emergencies can be terrifying, not to mention poorly timed. If you or your child is experiencing severe oral pain or injury, please don’t hesitate – contact Arcadia Orthodontics & Children's Dentistry or Long Beach Orthodontics & Children's Dentistry right away to schedule an emergency appointment with Dr. Matt Nashed. Our team does everything we can to see you or your child on the same day as your initial call and provide much-needed relief.

What if you’re unable to reach us right away? We also provide instructions over the phone on how to best manage your dental emergency until you reach professional help. Here are some of the most common situations we see:

Knocked Out Baby Tooth

Generally, Dr. Nashed will not attempt to reimplant these teeth because damage could be caused to the socket and the new, permanent tooth that will be emerging soon. In the meantime, he provides assistance with any bleeding or discomfort your child is experiencing, if needed.

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

Our team will virtually always make a strong effort to reimplant permanent teeth and time is very much of the essence in these situations. If you still have the tooth, rinse it gently and attempt to place it back into its original socket. If this isn’t possible, place it in a cup of milk instead and bring it with you to one of our offices right away.

Broken Tooth

If significant pieces have come loose, gather them, rinse them and bring them with you to our Arcadia or Long Beach location for reattachment. A cold compress held against the cheek reduces any swelling that occurs.

Painful Toothaches

Is it possible that something stuck between the teeth is causing the pain? Thoroughly floss the pained area and rinse well to dislodge any foreign debris. If the pain persists, contact our Arcadia or Long Beach office.

Orthodontic Emergency

If you or your child has a loose bracket that’s irritating the soft tissue, try to remove it with some tweezers. If you can do this correctly, place the removed bracket in an envelope or other safe place. If a wire has come loose, do your best to alter it so that it’s in the tube of the back of the mouth. Contact our Arcadia or Long Beach office right away for further assistance!

If you’re experiencing significant oral bleeding or a possibly broken jaw, don’t wait – go to your nearest emergency room as soon as possible. Our Long Beach and Arcadia teams  then assist you with oral damage you endured in the accident, such as broken or lost teeth. Please contact us today to schedule an emergency appointment with Dr. Nashed right away!