Pediatric Dentist in Arcadia & Long Beach

Here in Long Beach and Arcadia, CA, our team enjoys helping little smiles stay happy and healthy for years to come. As a pediatric specialist, Dr. Matt Nashed has exceptional training and experience in this field and he and his staff members are well versed in creating comfortable, friendly spaces for children to feel at ease. With gentle check-ups, refreshing cleanings, sedation dentistry, orthodontic care and other pediatric services available, your family finds all the revitalizing care they need at either of our locations. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!

The First Visit

Typically, we recommend parents bring in their children to either of our locations early in their lives. This allows them to become familiar with our staff, environment and the sights and sounds associated with dentistry. During their first check-up, Dr. Nashed performs a very careful examination of your little one’s teeth, gums, bite and jaw. If they’re old enough, our team also provides friendly instruction on how to better care for teeth and gums. If they’re in need of treatment, we discuss our approach with you as well. Our top priority is ensuring that your son or daughter stays comfortable and calm throughout the entire process in Long Beach or Arcadia.

Dental Sealants

As they grow, many children struggle with keeping tricky areas in the mouth fully clean. That’s where dental sealants come in. This tough, plastic material can be painted directly over the chewing surfaces of back teeth sealing them and preventing the accumulation of food and bacteria. With proper care and maintenance, dental sealants last up to 10 years!

Finger/Lip Sucking

For most infants and toddlers, digit or lip sucking is a habit that stops after the age of two or three or, at the very latest, when they enter school. In rare instances, kids continue digit and lip sucking past school age, causing a number of dental development issues including tooth decay, misaligned teeth and malformed oral structures.

Office Fun

Your child is sure to have fun in our waiting room. We offer a fun play area, as well as several movies (including Disney!) that they can watch before it’s their turn. Everyone in our practice has plenty of experience working with children and we’ll always treat them with as much warmth and gentleness as possible.

Helpful Tips