Supplying Sedation Dentistry for Arcadia & Long Beach

It’s perfectly understandable for children and adults alike to harbor some fear or anxiety about the dentist’s office, whether because of a bad past experience or simply the associated sights and sounds. However, Dr. Matt Nashed wants to ensure patients receive the routine care they need to maintain great oral health and happiness. With sedation dentistry, we take the edge off those negative emotions helping patients feel calm and comfortable. Do you or your loved one need sedation dentistry during your appointment? Please don’t hesitate to contact either our Arcadia or Long Beach, CA location today!

IV Sedation

Also known as general anesthesia, this technique is ideal for patients of all ages who suffer from extreme dental phobia or who are unable to remain still for long periods of time. A licensed anesthesiologist comes to either of our locations to administer the sedation and our team monitors you or your child’s vital signs at all times as the procedure commences. The sedated patients will be completely asleep throughout. This option is only available once or twice a month due to the limited availability of the anesthesiologist, so some flexibility in scheduling will be necessary for interested patients.

Oral Sedation

This sedation is best for moderate cases of dental anxiety or fear. We’ll provide you or your child with a drink that deeply relaxes them. While the patient stays awake during the procedure, they are genuinely calm and content; in fact, they may not even remember their visit once it’s completed. A parent or other trusted family member will need to take them home afterwards and keep an eye on them for the rest of the day as the effects wear off.

Nitrous Oxide

Patients with only mild dental anxiety enjoy the effects of nitrous oxide. Patients remain fully alert during their procedure, but the gas takes the edge off any negative emotions allowing them to feel much more pleasant. This option is perfect for patients with busy schedules. The effects wear off after only a matter of minutes, allowing you or your child to return to daily activities right away.