Helping Improve Smiles with Teeth Whitening in Arcadia & Long Beach

While teeth often become stained or dull because of dietary habits, discoloration also occurs because of unavoidable circumstances like age, genetics and medication as well. If you find yourself dreaming of a brighter smile, don’t wait – contact Dr. Matt Nashed today in either Long Beach or Arcadia. We’d love to welcome you!

In-Practice Whitening

Do you have a wedding, graduation or other big event coming up fast? Does your schedule prohibit you from scheduling several appointments at either of our locations? In-practice whitening could be the ideal cosmetic solution for you. In only a single, hour-long appointment, we lighten smiles by several shades and send you on your way with a dramatically brighter look!

At-Home Whitening Kits

If you’d prefer to improve your smile at a more gradual pace, our customized take-home kits could provide you with the beautiful results you’re looking for. Patients simply need to wear the oral trays and high-grade gel Dr. Nashed provides for a certain amount of time each day. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll be seeing gorgeous changes.