Traditional Braces in Arcadia, CA

As a board-certified orthodontic specialist, Dr. Matt Nashed is happy to offer personalized, exceptional treatment to children, teenagers and adults. Braces not only dramatically improve your personal appearance, but potential oral health problems like crowding, misaligned bite and excessive decay in hard-to-reach areas are solved too. We’re happy to provide a free orthodontic consultation at either of our offices in Long Beach, CA and Arcadia, CA. Contact us today to schedule a first appointment for you or your loved one!

Two-Phase Orthodontics

Early on in your child’s life, Dr. Nashed may find signs of jaw problems. This could include a lack of growth for the upper or lower jaw, an abundance of growth or a narrow quality. In these cases, our team may recommend them for two-phase orthodontic treatment. This process combines significant facial changes with the creation of a straight smile allowing them to better maintain oral health and enjoy an attractive appearance once they’re grown.

Types of Braces

Retainer Instructions

A retainer is a necessary part of most orthodontic treatments. This oral appliance helps maintain optimal alignment in the future. For best results, follow our retainer wear and care instructions:

Oral Hygiene Instructions

Caring for your smile with regular at-home care is essential at all times, but for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, brushing and flossing are even more important. Here are some tips for caring for your smile during orthodontic care: