Wisdom Tooth Extractions for Arcadia Residents

Today, having one’s wisdom teeth removed is seen almost as a rite of passage as teens move into adulthood. While on rare occasions, these teeth exist in a healthy fashion within the smile, there’s a good reason for this procedure being so common. Because of their late entry, overcrowding, partial eruption and failed eruption are all strong possibilities. Here in Long Beach and Arcadia, Dr. Matt Nashed welcomes a trusted oral surgeon to handle these cases for his patients, taking the time to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience the whole way through.

The Extraction Process

Dr. Nashed will be happy to provide you with sedation dentistry or anything else you need to feel completely comfortable during the procedure. After general anesthesia is administered, the tooth is removed as quickly and carefully as possible. Afterwards, it’s possible to experience some slight pain, bleeding or swelling, but these symptoms should lessen and then over the course of several days.